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Have you ever dreamt of seeing your manuscript become a globally recognized book? That dream is closer than you think with our tailored book publishing expertise. At Create Space Publishing Publishers, we believe that every narrative holds a universe within its pages, and it's our mission to unveil it. Our seasoned publishing professionals meticulously curate every chapter, ensuring your voice resonates while meeting industry-leading standards. We do more than just place words on paper; we harmonize your story, character arcs, and themes into a cohesive masterpiece that stands tall on every bookshelf. And regarding costs? Let that be the last of your concerns.

Delve into our customizable publishing packages, thoughtfully designed for both newcomers and seasoned authors. Embark on a literary expedition with us, where your aspirations transition from dream to reality. With Create Space Publishing Publishers, you're not just penning down a story; you're etching your name in the annals of literary history.

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Our journey begins with a thorough evaluation of your manuscript. We delve deep, understanding the core of your narrative and identifying areas of enhancement. It ensures that the story aligns well with market demands and reader expectations.

Professional Editing

Here, we pair you with seasoned editors proficient in your genre. They work closely with you, refining the content, enhancing its structure, and ensuring it's free from linguistic errors.

Market Strategy

With countless books vying for attention, standing out is paramount. Our team crafts a unique, data-driven market strategy tailored to ensure your book reaches its target audience.

Publishing &

Once the manuscript is polished and the strategy in place, we guide you through the publishing maze. Our strong ties with leading distributors guarantee your book's availability in key markets.

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Our top-tier book publishing services are designed to boost engagement and sales.

From editing to distribution, we cover every step of the publishing journey. Partner with us to make your book a success story while enjoying a limited-time offer of 30% off on book writing services in the USA.

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Experience the pinnacle of book publishing excellence with a touch of affordability. Our reputation as an elite publisher stems from our exceptional writing prowess across diverse genres. We don't compromise on quality, offering you an exceptional team of professional writers who craft content that's second to none. With us, your manuscript will shine, and our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering.

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It varies based on individual needs. However, on average, the entire process, from assessment to distribution, takes around 3-6 months.

Absolutely! You retain full rights to your content. Our role is to guide and assist, but the intellectual property remains yours.

We analyze current market trends, reader preferences, and competitive titles. This data-driven approach ensures your book has the best chance at success.

Of course! We collaborate with you, and our designers provide several options from which you can choose.

Kindle Direct Publishing (Create Space Publishing) is Amazon's self-publishing platform. Create Space Publishing offers a range of services to guide you through the entire publishing process. From formatting and cover design to keyword optimization and market reach strategies, we ensure your book is professionally presented and effectively published on the Create Space Publishing platform.

While a completed manuscript is ideal, we can work with authors at different stages of their writing journey. If you're in the process of writing your book, we can provide advice on formatting, cover design, and other aspects to prepare your manuscript for publication once it's ready.

Create Space Publishing's expertise extends beyond just publishing. We help authors optimize their books for success by offering guidance on keyword selection, category placement, and creating compelling book descriptions. Our goal is to increase your book's discoverability and maximize its potential sales on the Kindle Store.