Because Every Best Seller Had a Strong Marketing

If you are wondering what's one of the most common things among all the best sellers worldwide, it's that they all had great marketing campaigns! And with Create Space Publishing author book marketing services, your book can too have a chance.

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What happens before a mega-successful movie is released? The team hires professional marketing services to promote the film before the launch so that on the release date everyone is waiting in line to watch it. The same concept applies to books. We create numerous marketing campaigns using different social channels and platforms so that a massive number of your target audience can become aware of your book and its release date. That way when your book gets published, there are already tons of people waiting to add to cart and buy it!

If you think hiring a marketing team to create hype for your book will do the trick, you have another thing coming. Only a professional team of trained, skilled, and experienced book marketers can get you the results you desire. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting your time, money, and all the hard work you put into your book. To become a best-seller, you need the best book marketing team like Create Space Publishing working on your case!

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You Lose All the Chances You Don't Take!

If you are going to take a chance on your book, let's make it count!

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How Does Our Author Marketing Work

Discovery &

We start by understanding your vision and then finding out the best strategies to get your book and name as an author out in the market.

Online Presence

After creating the best strategy possible, we start executing it to boost your online presence so that your targeted readers can become aware of your book.

Outreach &

Now we try to connect your name and book with popular influencers, bloggers, and readers so that we can add their followers to your reader base.

Monitoring &

After executing everything, we now monitor all the campaigns and report back to you about how well everything is going!

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If we can do it for countless others before you, we can do the same for you!

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Sarah B.

Choosing Create Space Publishing was the best decision for my book's visibility. Their tailored strategies and social media tactics connected me with a wider audience. Their team's dedication truly shone through, transforming my mystery novel into a sensation.

Michael R.

Create Space Publishing breathed life into my memoir's marketing. Their content plan and podcast collaborations amplified my story's impact. Their commitment to my book's success was unwavering, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

Anna L.

Grateful for Create Space Publishing's expertise in boosting my YA novel. Their website design and blogger outreach propelled my book's reach. Their genuine enthusiasm elevated my book's presence, and their guidance was invaluable.

Jake C.

Create Space Publishing elevated my fantasy book's marketing game. Their influencer collaborations and engaging content resonated with readers. Their commitment to my book's success made the journey enjoyable and rewarding.

Sophie H.

Create Space Publishing gave my poetry book a powerful marketing boost. Their social media strategies and virtual events drew in a wider audience. Their personalized support ensured my book's message reached those who needed it most.

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Experience the pinnacle of book publishing excellence with a touch of affordability. Our reputation as an elite publisher stems from our exceptional writing prowess across diverse genres. We don't compromise on quality, offering you an exceptional team of professional writers who craft content that's second to none. With us, your manuscript will shine, and our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering.

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Author book marketing is a comprehensive strategy to promote your book, enhance its visibility, and engage with your target audience. It involves tactics like creating an author website, utilizing social media, arranging interviews, and collaborating with bloggers to generate interest and buzz around your book.

Effective book marketing boosts your book's discoverability, expands your reader base, and establishes your author brand. It helps you connect with your audience, increases sales, and positions you as an authority in your genre, ultimately driving long-term success for your writing career.

No, book marketing benefits all authors, whether traditionally published or self-published. In fact, self-published authors often find marketing services crucial in gaining exposure. Effective marketing helps level the playing field, allowing authors to connect directly with their audience and compete in the market.

The duration of a book marketing campaign varies based on your goals and budget. Campaigns can range from a few months to a year or more. Keep in mind that sustained marketing efforts yield better results, as building a strong author platform and reader engagement takes time.

Our author book marketing services stand out due to our personalized approach, transparent communication, and holistic strategies. We tailor our services to your unique book and goals, ensuring maximum impact. Our team's expertise in content creation, outreach, and engagement empowers us to create a tailored plan that generates lasting results for your book's success.