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Explore the core of publishing with us at Create Space, the place where your desires of publishing your own book come true. Creating legacies, one page at a time, is what we do here, not simply publishing books. Our dedicated workforce is prepared to walk you through every stage, making sure your story is treasured and your voice is heard. Start your journey now, and see how we turn your writing into a masterpiece that stay with readers for a long time. Welcome Home- let's make magic together!

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Our Vision

Our goal is to simplify the literary world by making sure that growing writers receive the same attention as well as the opportunity to tell their own stories. Our vision is to find and develop new talent and provide them the opportunity and resources they need to become well-known authors and leave a mark on the literary world.

Our Mission

Our aim is to keep offering reliable and reasonably priced book publishing services so that aspiring writers can afford to work with experts in the field and ensure their work of love is properly published. Whether you want self publish a book or want to do things traditionally, it’s our aim to help you along your journey.

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We are specialized in all variations of the genre!



Our fiction publishing service make you lose yourself in the world of your imagination. We bring your creative storytelling to life, captivating readers with gripping stories and lasting characters, whether they be romance, mystery, or fantasy. We are one of the best children’s book publishers in the market!



Your experiences and knowledge can turn into influential books with our Non-Fiction publishing service. We assist you in sharing your knowledge, findings, and insights with a global audience ready for the truth and wisdom on everything from history to personal growth.



Our Autobiography publishing service lets you to tell your life's tale. We assist you in sharing your unique story, making sure that your struggles, victories, and experiences are captured and communicated in a way that attract people.



Our Memoir publishing service capture the spirit of your most memorable memories. We help you in creating a story that is highly engaging to your audience while being personally and widely attractive, with a focus on specific events and ideas.

Children's Book

Children's Book

Our Children's Book Publishing Services bring fun and learning to young readers. We specialize in writing vibrant, captivating books that inspire, educate, and entertain kids. Our stories range from playful tales to educational narratives.

Self Help Book

Self Help Book

Our self-help book service empowers and inspires others. We help you share your strategies for success and personal development, writing books that provide direction, inspiration, and useful advice to those looking to make good changes.

This is How Publishing a Book Works


Getting a book published by us is very straightforward. Start your publishing adventure with a one-on-one session during which we discuss your goals and come up with recommendations. Our team of experts helps you polish your idea so that the topic, structure, and target audience of your book have a strong starting point.


Our skilled writing and editing services can help you turn your ideas into a fascinating publication. Our primary goal is to improve the consistency, effect, and flow of your story so that each word adds to a polished, powerful end result.


Your book is brought to life with expert layout, cover design, and typesetting throughout our design and production process. We make sure your book looks amazing and flows properly, drawing in the target readership from the very start.


Make the most of your book's market through applying our customized distribution and marketing plans. We make sure your work gets readers and glows in the crowded literary world by putting your book on key platforms and carrying out focused marketing campaigns.

Publish With Professionals and Passion!

Publishing Art- Because Every Book Matters and Every Word Counts

Availability is the key to wider readership. We do publication with our expertise in publishing on your behalf so that your targeted readers can enjoy your book anywhere and everywhere!

All of your writing demands are met by our book writing services.

Our Satisfied Clients That Speaks For Us

Eleanor P

My messy draft became a book all thanks to their team's work. Each step was customized and supportive. An absolute game-changer for me as a noob writer.

David W

I never thought so many people would be hearing my story. My book was able to reach readers because of their smart distribution strategy and the response has been extremely good. I've already started working with them on my next novel!

Isabella M

I learned a lot about the editing process. They polished my work and kept my voice intact. What was the outcome I got? A book that's carefully designed and totally mine.

Samuel L

I got my publishing process done with their experts and its was truly exceptional. looking forward to working with them again.

Sophia C

Their promotional tactics were superb! My book launch went beyond my wildest dreams, attracting attention in circles I could not have reached on my own.

Alex R

They gave my novel a fresh start and their support and skill at constructing and editing saved me from giving up on my goals of being a writer. I'm really appreciative.

Emily M

The whole process from inspiration to holding my first book copy went more smoothly than I could have imagined. Their passion for publishing were present at all stages.

Mark W

Their publishing strategy for autobiographies is exceptional. They took so great care and consideration when writing about my life, and the result is a book that I always wanted. It was a wonderful experience.


Our comprehensive publishing services ensure that every author's idea is turned into a published masterpiece that reaches and connects with the target audience. From careful editing and engaging design to smart distribution and promotion, we take care of everything.

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Send us an overview of your writing or book idea to get things started. To talk about your idea, the process, and how we can best assist your publishing goals, we arrange a consultation time slot.

Our areas of expertise encompass a wide range of genres, such as self-help books, children's literature, memoirs, autobiographies, non-fiction, and fiction. Our group is skilled in managing the particular details of every genre.

Of course! We take great pleasure in helping debut authors at every stage of the publishing journey by providing advice on writing, editing, design, distribution, and marketing to make sure your publication launch met with success.

We provide a variety of editing services, from basic proofreading to in-depth content editing. Our goal is to maintain your unique voice and style while making your text stronger, more consistent, and clear.

The timetable varies greatly depending on the length of the book, editing requirements, and design complexities. The average time from draft to published book is totally depends on the book requirements.

Yes, we provide both Ebook and print publishing options. Our team will work with you to determine the best formats for your book based on your target audience and distribution goals.

Pricing is determined by several factors, including book length, format (ebook or print), distribution channels, and production costs. We strive to set competitive prices that reflect the value of your work while ensuring accessibility for your audience.

We offer a comprehensive marketing package that includes social media promotion, press releases, book reviews, author interviews, and book signings. Our marketing strategies are tailored to highlight the unique aspects of your book and engage your target audience effectively.

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